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You Know You’re a Communicator When…

  • You’ve spent more weekends than you can count responding to a crisis.
  • You keep Excedrin or some other headache medicine in your office drawer.
  • You inwardly cringe when colleagues ask you to organize a press conference.
  • You pray every day. Sure, you want to be closer to your creator, but you also want your client’s quote to be included in a news story.
  • You sleep with your phone close by.
  • You have reporters on speed dial.
  • You’ve been butt-dialed by a reporter or editor.
  • You’ve stalked reporters, producers and TV or radio hosts on social media.
  • You use words like “embargo,” “presser,” “off-the-record,” “on background,” etc.
  • You argue with your colleagues about how many people should speak on a media call.
  • You feel like a rock star when a reporter or editor calls back.
  • You’ve spent more days than you can count updating media lists, and sending press releases.