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Testimonials and Endorsements

Extraordinary PR, Ordinary Budget is one of those rare books that is straightforward and poignant. It guides readers in crafting an effective and executable PR strategy—all on a budget! This is required reading from a trusted PR expert!

Becky William, PresidentSEIU 1199 WV/KY/OH

The noise in the public square is deafening. And yet, more than ever, the ability to penetrate that noise so that your story can be heard is critical to successfully contesting for power. Jennifer defines a way to think and steps to take to insure your voice is heard. This book, filled with wisdom and practicality, is delivered with humor and passion

Scott Reed, Executive DirectorPICO National Network

Extraordinary PR, Ordinary Budget is a practical and detailed guide for building and nurturing relationships with the media, relationships that will position your organization to make a lasting impact. This book is beyond helpful; it’s necessary.

Judith Browne Dianis, Executive DirectorAdvancement Project National Office

Jennifer R. Farmer and Spotlight PR were more than just a PR firm. In the aftermath of trauma that brought overwhelming media interest, Jennifer was our protector. Her strategic, calm, practical wisdom helped us navigate a reality we never imagined. Jennifer and her staff offered professionalism, guidance, and support that helped us to share our story and amplify our message. When our world was turned upside down, Spotlight PR was our lifeline.

Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker

Thank you for writing this book! I have a daughter who has a mixed marriage and feel I need to be informed as a Grandma to understand what my grandchildren are experiencing. Hugs!

Linda Beach

I appreciate what you are saying, Jennifer. It rings true to me on so many levels, my upbringing, socialization and perception by others as an Korean American woman. This is a gift to many communities. thank you.

Elizabeth Chun Hye Lee, Climate Justice Lead for United Methodist women

Jennifer you are amazing and you are empowering and encouraging so many. Including me!

Sabrena Pringle

Congratulations, Jennifer Farmer, for this chapter of your blessed and beautiful life. The world needs you as does the church!

Catherine Inserra

“Jennifer Farmer is a force of nature. She fuses excitement, expertise and hope into all she does. As a leadership whisperer, she has the keen ability to guide individuals and organizations to transformational change by cultivating an environment that allows everyone to see what is, reimagine what could be and build on the wholly possible.  If you or your organization want to go to the next level, call Jennifer Farmer.”

Nina Turner, Former state senator, and current 11th Congressional District Candidate, Ohio

Jennifer writes a much-needed love letter to Black women looking to thrive at work and in life. ‘First and Only’ is an essential resource for any career toolkit.

Minda Harts, Author of “The Memo"

Jennifer Farmer is an amazing voice in empowering powerful communications and storytelling to shift the narrative. A brilliant thinker with a knack for eliminating waste, she creates strategies that leverage resources for the maximal impact while cradling the sacredness of one’s message. An important and necessary soul for the journey around this nation proclaiming a new story rooted in equity and inclusion.”

Rev. Ben McBride, Co-director, PICO California

“Jennifer Farmer is an insightful listener and observer of human interaction. She uses her insights to speak directly to the core issues impacting leadership. Her analysis perceptively integrates gender, race, religion, and overall worldview to offer more nuanced understandings of leadership than the one-size-fits-all approaches more commonly promoted.”

Rev. Dr. Cari Jackson, author, clergy in residence, Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

I sincerely appreciate your work and having you as a team member. You have helped me grow and sharpen my focus for this journey. Thank you. Love and Respect.

Michael Render, pka Killer MikeActivist, Rapper and Businessman

I loved this book. It is smart, practical and filled with personal examples that underscore the author’s central message: there are concrete things you can do to promote your organization with or without a large budget. Extraordinary PR, Ordinary Budget is required reading for anyone wishing to use strategic communications to make a difference.

Celinda Lake, PrincipalLake Research Partners

When we worked together in the Forward Together Moral Monday movement, Jennifer Farmer skillfully heard me. She allowed me to be myself, while teaching me and the NC NAACP staff foundational communications techniques.

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, Founder, Repairers of the BreachThe North Carolina State Conference of the NAACP,The Forward Together Moral Movement

Jennifer Farmer is one of the smartest and most talented communicators I know. She’s passionate, knowledgeable and relatable about her work. Plus, when we spent time together, she made sure I never ate alone.

Ari Berman, Contributing WriterThe Nation