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5 Media Trends for 2022

What you do matters. However, it takes more than a noble mission to garner media attention. As the media landscape changes, and the 24/7 news cycle puts increased pressure on content creation, leaders must work harder to garner publicity for their work. As we wrap one year and prepare to greet another, here are several things you should do to increase media` coverage.

  1. Include your overarching message in everything you do. Over a year, there are multiple opportunities to serve. There are numerous chances to advance your work. Regardless of the moment you find yourself in, always remind the public of your underlying message. Whether you are engaging in redistricting, voting rights, disaster recovery, or policing, your main message should be included in everything you do. For instance, if your main message is that social injustice manifests in everything institution, you should mention that point whether you are talking about disaster recovery, voting rights or policing. This will support brand recognition and loyalty. It will also contextualize the issue. Reminding the public of your main message will also help you stand out in a crowded media landscape.
  2. Continue building your email list. Every event, every engagement is an opportunity to build your email list. Your list is your media platform. It cannot be taken from you. As you work to garner media attention, be intentional about building a list of people who care about the work you’re doing in the world. As you build your list, remember to tailor it to your audience’s respective interests. For instance, if you do work on mass incarceration and gun violence prevention, discern your followers’ precise interests and message them about that interest. Then, communicate with your list at a frequency that is comfortable for you both. As you communicate, remember your value and trust in the fact that few people can offer what you bring, the way you bring it.
  3. Invest in paid media. I include this point on every year-end list of recommendations and organizations should do in the coming year to secure more earned media. That’s because this message will never get old. There’s no way around it; organizations must invest in paid media. Not only is paid media a method of delivering an unvarnished message, one can leverage paid media to secure earned media. All media outlets need advertising dollars, and the need is crucial for smaller outlets who most consumers don’t think to invest in. I’ve learned that smaller outlets are much more appreciative of the investment and tend to remember the organizations and leaders who steer financial resources their way.
  4. Do not forget newsletter curators. Years ago, organizations focused on sharing a client’s message with the media and the media alone. More recently, organizational leaders learned that to deliver a message, they needed to communicate with members of the media, bloggers, influencers, and micro influencers. But with the rise of Substack and newsletters, leaders are once again being asked to shift. Here’s why. As the media contracts, journalists are under increasing pressure to cultivate loyal followings. Additionally, with decreasing ad sales and newsroom cuts, people who love to write and tell stories must increasingly come up with new and innovative ways to communicate. One of the ways they’re doing this is by identifying their audience and communicating with them via newsletters.
  5. Collect mobile information and send updates via text. In addition to building an email list, you should be building a mobile list. You should have multiple means of communicating with your audience. Relying exclusively on one channel is risky. If your social media platform goes down or is locked, how will you connect with your audience? If you engage a younger demographic that doesn’t engage with email the way older groups do, yet you only communicate via email, you will miss a segment of your audience. Moreover, text messages convey a sense of urgency. They also provide helpful reminders. For these reasons, seek permission to communicate via text and then be strategic about what you communicate and when you communicate it.

We know that getting media coverage is important. It can influence your ability to raise funds and can also help you stand out in a crowded landscape. To garner it, you need to be strategic and intentional. These 5 communication strategy tips will help you accomplish both.